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Chantal Staerkle

ACC, Certified People Map Trainer

Founder & President,


Chantal Staerkle has been providing life and career coaching services to her clients for over 5 years. Being an ICF-Certified Professional Coach, Chantal uses the most sophisticated techniques and personality tests to help you attract anything you want in your life, both professionally and personally.


Chantal believes that people are naturally resourceful; they just need to gain a better understanding of their life in order to move further in their life and career. Leveraging her 5 years of coaching experience, Chantal adopts a transformational life and career coaching approach that delivers breakthrough results one cannot easily find anywhere else.  


Chantal has trained and mentored individuals from nearly every walk of life, including doctors, artists, teachers, stay-at-home parents, IT professionals, sportsmen, attorneys, and writers. She has also worked with several profit and non-profit organizations, and has helped them improve their employee productivity and motivation levels.




“Chantal is truly a gem. Working with her has enhanced my life in so many ways. From identifying what I really want from life to being more motivated in my day-to-day tasks, she has completely transformed me as a person. I can’t thank her enough from providing my life a direction.” – Client





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