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Job Search Coaching

The job market has undergone significant changes over the past few years, and a successful job hunt today requires use of the most innovative and up-to-date job search techniques. Using our wealth of multi-industry experience and knowledge of current recruitment practices, we offer you customized Job Search Coaching services to help you conduct an effective job search and build strong online presence.

Using our Job Search Coaching services, you can:


  • Develop a plan of action for your job search

  • Get feedback on your resume, LinkedIn profile, and job application letter

  • Learn networking strategies to increase your chances of landing a job

  • Learn how to present your skills and strengths to potential employers

Career Coaching

Resume Package 

Conflict Resolution

Career Transitions

Career Transition Coaching

Our Career Transition Coaching program is designed specifically for individuals who are considering a career change because of changing economic conditions or because their job no longer satisfies their professional and personal development needs. In career transition coaching, we look at your strengths and challenges, and advise you a job according to your personal and professional profile.

Using our Career Transition Coaching services, you can:


  • Identify your talents, strengths, and discover your ideal job

  • Create and market yourself to potential employers

  • Achieve the ideal work-life balance and effectively manage the demands of job and personal life

  • Deal constructively  with loss of motivation and decreased productivity

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