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There’s no point wasting your life doing something you don’t love. If your answers to “where I am right now” and “where I want to be” don’t match. Best Balanced Life Coaching helps you bridge that gap. 



Best Balanced Life helps you move towards fulfillment and happiness in your life and in your job through health/wellness coaching, motivational support, addiction recovery coaching, mindfulness and professional development.  Your life coach in  will guide you towards a positive mindset, productive schedule, and a professional pathway where you can find the life you are dreaming of. 


If you are not happy in your life, you are not sure where to go next or you have a vision you are not sure how to achieve, Best Balanced Life will help you find your solution by developing and creating a best balanced life.  


You have the tools to live the life you envision and work in the career you want.  Best Balanced Life helps you unlock your potential, reach your goals, and conquer obstacles, both internal and external, that are holding you back. 


Get support and direction from an experienced life coach. Contact Chantal at Best Balanced Life and Be Best Balanced; Become Your Vision. 
As an added benefit Chantal is a certified Life Coach, Addiction Recovery Coach and a Peoplemap™ Trainer.   

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Do you want to become more successful in your personal and professional life? Or maybe you want to feel more satisfied and fulfilled? Do you feel like your life is missing something meaningful? You know that you want support and guidance but are not sure where to go or who to contact?


If you answer yes to any one or more of these questions, you should consider benefitting from our life and career coaching services. With over 5  years of experiences helping people achieve the life of their dreams, Chantal provides career and life coaching services that help you grow as a human being.


Discover Your Greatest Self.

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“Before coming to Chantal, I had tried several traditional self-help motivational techniques, but none of them left any profound effect on my motivation level and self esteem. So, I decided to seek help from a professional and came to Chantal. Her career coaching helped me focus on my goals and I noticed a significant difference in myself. It completely eliminated the feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction and encouraged me to perform better every day.” - Customer 

“I really hated my job. I felt unhappy for eight hours every day, and this filled my life with negativity and unhappiness. Then I heard Chantal at a mind mapping seminar, and her firm and honest feedback to the audiences compelled me to try her services. And trust me, her life and career coaching has proved to be transformational for me. Today I feel lighter and more inspired to achieve almost anything I want. Thank you Chantal for your compassion and support. You literally changed my life.” – Customer

“Hi! I am Mike, a chemical engineer. I had been working for this private firm for last 5 years when I felt completely stuck. I knew that continuing with the current job won’t take me anywhere, but I had no other option. I felt so helpless at that time, but then a colleague advised me to seek help from a life coach. I searched online and found Chantal. I had four one-on-one sessions with her, and she advised me a career change. This was surprising to me, but I started working on my long-forgotten dream of owning my own restaurant. The startup became a local success soon, and today I am a proud businessman. Thank you Chantal.” – Customer 

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